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Evan Bair is an author born and raised in Lancaster, PA. He currently resides in Akron, PA with his wife, Abby, and bernedoodle, Millie. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a BA in Professional Writing and a minor in Advertising.

His first published book of short stories, Coloring Pages, contains 9 unique short stories focusing on dark and suspenseful themes. No subject matter is out of bounds for Bair’s writing, focusing on such topics as mental illness, crime and punishment, family tragedy, intimate betrayal, cold-blooded murder, and more. Twists and turns are the typical fodder for Bair’s readers, and truly no one is safe from the unexpected surprises life can deliver.

His second collection of stories, Studio Smile, is expected to release in 2023. Much like its predecessor, Studio Smile utilizes the human element to intimately connect the reader with its characters resulting in unpredictable conclusions.

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